Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mom Style: Airport

This is the first of the outfit posts I had mentioned doing. We'll see if it becomes a thing!

Airport travel is so tricky, especially with little ones. Outfits have to be chosen carefully. I'm serious! You should not wear a maxi skirt/dress unless you want to be felt up by TSA so my next best choice for comfort is leggings. Here's what I'm planning on wearing (after several days weeks of indecision)

Top: Old Navy similar // Kimono: H&M similar // Leggings: Old Navy // Sandals: Old Navy // Tote: Old Navy // Solly Baby Wrap in Castlerock

Some requirements: Shoes have to be easy to take on and off. Very light sweater for the cold plane (don't want to pack a bulky one that will never get used in Maui because it's like 80 degrees there.) Loose top that I can easily nurse Maddie in, if need be. Large purse to carry snacks, toys, etc. The Solly Wrap is going to get used as a scarf until I need to put Maddie in it.

Also I realize I'll be like a walking Old Navy ad. Seriously, where is my check from them?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10 Travel Essentials for Moms

We leave Saturday for Maui so my brain is all packing, checklists, outfits, and dreaming of beaches. I had a post all typed up and somehow it disappeared into a black hole because Blogger didn't save it so I decided to do a new post and then maybe later the first post will come back to me (because I cannot for the life of me remember what I wrote...)

The last time we did a 5-hour flight with a baby and a newborn, I was stressing.  It ended up not being so bad because Maddie slept almost the whole time. But this time... we have 2 toddlers. Practically. Maddie will be 1 at the end of next month (!!!) and I'm pretty certain she won't sleep the entire time this flight.

These are a few essentials that I take every time we fly... whether it's a 1 hour trip to So Cal or a 5 hour trip to Maui.

10 Travel Essentials for Moms

  1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket Even though the girls are way past the swaddling stage, these blankets are perfect for snuggling during a nap (if it happens) or keeping little legs warm on a cold plane. Plus they're lightweight and thin, so, easy to pack.
  2. Aden + Anais Burp Cloth  Although I always take a brand new pack of wipes, this is handy for cleaning any drink mishap or snotty nose plus it doubles as a bib so that pack of Go-go fruit squeeze that your 11 month is going to enjoy mid-flight won't end up on her darling travel outfit.
  3. Solly Baby Wrap  I have always taken a carrier (the Ergo) when I fly with the girls but this will be my first time taking the Solly. I've heard rumors that you don't have to take the baby out for walking through security and it's a lightweight fabric that breathes (these are the only 2 downfalls of the Ergo, which I'm packing in our suitcase in case we decide to do a hike and need to carry both babes. HAHAHAHAHA... Us hiking. On vacation. Oh I make myself laugh...)
  4. Skip Hop Backpack  Between the 4 of us, we have a TON of stuff to bring on the plane. Obviously. An easy solution is have Allie carry all her activities and snacks in her own backpack. She's actually pretty excited whenever she gets to use it because I hide it at home so it seems like a new toy. Plus she gets to wear a backpack "just like Dad's."
  5. OXO Tot Sippy Cup The airline usually provides a cup with a lid and a straw for Allie but having a sippy cup for Maddie is a necessity since she's getting to the point that a nursing cover is just something to swat at/pull away.
  6. OXO Tot Snack Cup Food in any shape/size/form is a necessity for a long trip, not just for the babes. The great thing about snack cups is that you can give Cheerios to a baby without worrying that the majority will end up on the floor.
  7. Melissa & Doug Lace Cards This is representative of all the activities I bring for the girls. I'd rather they not spend the entire time watching a movie on the iPad and I'm actually fairly certain that wouldn't even hold their attention for 5 hours. I usually hit up the $1 bin at Target for small coloring books, toys, stickers, window clings, whatever is small enough to keep them occupied. The iPad has been loaded with a few movies and apps in case we hit panic mode in Hour 4.
  8. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller I briefly considered getting a lightweight stroller to make travel easier but since they're so expensive, I decided against it. If I were flying alone, I would probably buy a lightweight stroller but since Brian will be with me, it's not too big of a hassle to break it down at the gate. So it depends on you. If you're the type to be easily stressed out, then spring for the lightweight stroller. But for a straight flight (no layovers/connecting flights), having a stroller that both babes can sit in makes life so much easier.
  9. Brica Car Seat Bag We have this car seat bag for Allie's toddler seat. True a strap has already broken and the bottom tore, but we duct-taped it and it works just fine. I also like that it has a zippered pocket for extra diapers, blankets, sweaters: basically bulky stuff that won't fit in the suitcase.
  10. JL Childress Stroller Bag We have this stroller bag to hold the stroller and pieces when we check it at the gate. It's survived a few flights already and still holding up pretty well. We have to remove one wheel to get everything to fit, but once we do it all packs up quite nicely. Again, if we had a lightweight stroller, I probably wouldn't need a bag but because ours has the second seat and we bring the car seat adapter, we need a bag to keep everything together. 
So there you have it. Now I have to get back to packing, checklists, outfits, and beach dreaming. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Floors and Star Wars

Guys. The floor is done. No more concrete. It took us (yes, I totally helped) working 11 hours on Saturday to finish but we did it. I don't have pictures for you (shocker) but follow me on Instagram and they'll pop up soon enough. I think. 

We're nowhere near finished. There are a ton of little things that still need to be done and a whole bathroom that still needs to be gutted and remodeled but having the floor done gives us a whole new zeal for it. I finally feel like I can decorate and "move in" to our house. I also feel like I have to constantly be sweeping our new floors. Don't worry I'm sure that will wear off soon enough. 

I keep having these random things pop up in my head and think "that would make a good blog post" but by the time I actually have time to sit down and blog, my brain is empty and all I can think about is my ever growing to do list. So instead of wracking my brain for more blog content, I think I'll watch Star Wars (in honor of May the 4th be with you Day or something like that), eat some ice cream, and call it a night. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Furniture and stuff

Distressed furniture.

I don't get it.

We have a coffee table that was painted black and thanks to 5 years of actually being used, it's naturally distressed and I really don't like the way it looks. I have plans to sand it down to the wood and seal it like I did with the matching side table. Because both were free, I have no qualms about spending a little time and money to bring it back to its former glory.

But purposefully distressing furniture. it's all over Pinterest. I see it all the time. WHY? You just spent hours sanding and priming and painting and now you're going to go at it with sandpaper? Seriously, are you nuts?

I mean, I can understand that it is a fad right now. But it's definitely not one I want to be a part of. Once I finished painting Allie's bookshelf cubby thing, I didn't want her to go near it because she's a toddler and naturally destructive. Eventually she had to and turns out it has stood up to her abuse quite well but still. ALL THAT HARD WORK TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE. And then you go and ruin it. RUIN.

Okay fine, maybe I'm biased and this is only my opinion.

My next rant: chalkboard paint.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Trends then and now

I don't know what my style is called... Trendy, comfortable, mom? Is "mom" a style? Anyway, I was at Target the other day and walking past the junior section, I was pretty surprised at what was going on. What's the trend these days? Well, just about everything. Hippie lace vests and floral bell-bottoms from the 70's, crop tops and acid wash from the 90s, mod psychedelic dresses from the 60's.

I never though acid wash jeans would come back into style. I should've kept my faded floral cotton dresses that were so popular in junior high. That is, when I was in junior high. I also should've told my mom to keep all the stuff she wore in high school because I swear I saw the exact same floral, poufy sleeved dresses.

And Birkenstocks. Nothing could've shocked me more to see these come back into style. Now I'll admit that they do look adorable on some people but I just don't get it. I even tried some on at Target to give them a second chance. Nope. I felt like I should've been wearing knee length cargo shorts, a khaki canvas polo and carrying a butterfly net with some sort of safari hat. They just didn't look good on me and I'm perfectly okay with that. I've got my eye on another set of sandals anyway.

All that to say, I really like embracing my own style. Sure I can pick and choose from what is "in" but it really comes down to what I'm comfortable in and expressing myself in my own way. And having a few classic, timeless pieces in your closet goes a long way, I think. That is what I find so appealing about fashion.

I'm just really bummed that I got rid of my overalls.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You know you're old when...

  • You read something written by teenagers like "That is so goals" and have no idea what they're talking about. Tumblr? Snapchat? I don't even know. I'm barely on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • You start buying furniture that matches. My motto as a 20-something year old was "Any furniture is better than sitting on the floor." Now I'm actually able to start acquiring things that look good together. 
  • 9 pm sounds really late to you. Even when I was a 20-something year old, I never really stayed up too late. But now, by the time we get the girls ready for bed, in bed, back in bed (for the toddler), clean up the dinner dishes, get ready for the next day, it's all I can do to brush my teeth before I can collapse in bed knowing in just a few hours, I'll be awakened by a crying baby.
  • You start spending money on lawn mowers, area rugs, and bedding instead of spending it on clothes, eating out every day, and trips. But you know what else? You spend your money on whatever you want. A whole roll of Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough? As a kid, not a chance your mom would buy that for you. As an adult, don't mind if I do!
  • Speaking of trips, as a 20-something year old my trips were fun, relaxing, low-key. As an old person, they're low-key alright. Because all I want to do on a trip is sleep. Uninterrupted. For 3 days straight. And don't even get me started on the packing difference. TWO WHOLE EXTRA SUITCASES FOR BABIES AND THEY'RE TINIER THAN I AM.
  • Things hurt. You bend over to pick up a baby and your back aches. You wash the dishes and your feet hurt. You wear high heels and your knees ache. The list goes on.
  • You start to see trends come back in that were in style when you were a kid. Oh my... the trends! That'll be tomorrow's post.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Today I'm going to speak out on a topic that is very dear to my heart. It might cause some controversy but I'm okay with that.

I'm here to tell you... that leggings are pants.

I know. "Inappropriate!" you say. "Immodest!" "Shows things that should never be seen!"

And to an extent, I agree with you. Leggings can be worn as pants when a) working out or b) wearing something long enough to cover your derriere.

So I guess that's a caveat and you can do with it what you will. But I will continue to wear my leggings as pants with tunics and long, baggy shirts that cover up my love handles because I WANT TO.

But I'm also here today to tell you about these amazing leggings. Old Navy isn't paying me to promote them, but they totally should because I will sell you on these bad boys before you reach the end of the post.

They're comfortable. Oh so comfortable. They don't ride up/down like their jersey counterparts. They're compression which means they compress your fat. They're stretchy but they don't end up sagging around your knees by the end of the day. They're just the best thing ever and I don't know if I will ever look at another pair of leggings the same way.

If that doesn't change your mind, let me show you how they can be worn multiple ways.

Leggings 6 ways

See? Now when you buy these make sure you tell them who sent you. I mean, they won't care but still, it'll make me feel better.