Friday, August 15, 2014

Pierced ears

Last weekend Allie was playing with my earrings and asked Brian to put one on her. (Meaning she held it up and said "On? On? On?")

This is what happened...

B: You have to have pierced ears to wear earrings Allie.
A: ....
B: Do you want me to pierce your ears?
A: Yeah?
B: Okay... *pushes earring into her ear pretending to pierce it*
A: *doesn't flinch. Doesn't even say anything, just looks at him like "Done?"
B: *pushes harder*
A: *still standing there fully expecting that her ears will be pierced in 2 seconds
B: "What's wrong with our kid?"
Me: "That's my girl."

Piercing Allie's ears was a huge debate for us. Being Mexican, my ears have been pierced since I was 6 months old. Same with both my sisters. So naturally when we had a girl, everyone on my side of the family assumed she'd have her ears pierced before she could sit up.

Brian, on the other hand, thought it was barbaric to do something to her that she might not even want in the future. So we didn't get her ears pierced. He wants her to be able to ask for it herself (he's assuming this will happen sometime around the age of 18. I know better. I'm thinking it'll definitely be done before she's 5.)

But that didn't stop me from picking out her very first set of adorable studs. They're nothing like the earrings I wore as a kid. You know, hot pink and yellow hearts and stars? Very Lisa Frank. Anyway, these are stylish and simple. And since she's not using them anytime soon, who says I can't wear them in the meantime?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

House Shopping: Living Room Edition

We've had a greenish gray microfiber sectional since we got married. It was free, we were poor newlyweds, it worked for us. Incidentally, it went well with the free coffee table with matching side table, free giant TV and a media cabinet that we updated for $15.

Now here we are 4 years and 2 kids later and I despise our couch. It's a great couch... if you don't have kids. It shows every. Single. Spot. And with a toddler around... well, our couch is taking a serious beating. I don't like that it looks hideous and I have to scrub and spot clean every time Allie gets something on it. Let's throw a newborn in the mix and it's just looking really, really awful.

I know there are a million tutorials on Pinterest for cleaning microfiber couches. That's not my problem. What I want is a dark colored couch that doesn't show stains in the first place. Preferably with removable cushion covers that I can just toss in the wash every few weeks.

So I started shopping around.

I started with Ikea.

And ended there.

Because I met Karl (I stole this nickname from YHL). And I loved him. His price, his removable covers, his sleek modern look. Sold. We haven't made the plunge yet because we don't have flooring in the living room and I'd really like to see if I can sell our current couch before purchasing a new one but we'll see what happens...

In the meantime, here's a mood board I threw together to plan my living room style. I think I might go with 2 different color couches. What do you think? Too mismatchy or bold? Or better to break up one monotonous color? We were going to go with another sectional but I think I like the 2 different colors better...

Living Room

Monday, August 11, 2014

What to wear to the beach: Mom edition Part 2

I'm a fan of neon stuff lately but unfortunately don't really have the skin tones to pull it off. Never stopped me from shopping for it though.  Note: Those shoes may look black (and super cute) but be warned: they are definitely navy.

Mom Beach Wear 3

My favorite thing to wear to the beach is a jersey knit maxi dress thrown over a swimsuit. It's a simple outfit that's super comfy and the best part is it can easily translate from beach to dinner at a restaurant.

Obviously I'm drawn to dark earth tones because my skin tends to look more yellow when I wear bright colors. Plus no one will notice newborn spit up on a dark navy or burgundy dress. I'll be getting my tan on in 25 days and then neon colors, here I come!

Mom Beach Wear 4

Friday, August 8, 2014


Public Service Announcement: It would be easier, cheaper and less stressful for you to ship a box with all of your belongings to your destination than to try to pack everything in a way that is cost effective and not violating any TSA regulations.

We have 3 weeks left until we leave for Maui. I just did a trial pack of our toiletries because we don't plan to check any bags (since that costs $50 these days) which means all of our toiletries and baby essentials have to be packed into 3 ounce containers that will fit into a quart sized bag.

No big, right?

Yeah... until you're trying to figure out what a "liquid, gel, or paste" is. Like... deodorant? Chapstick? Baby wipes? Some TSA forums say anything that doesn't retain its shape is a liquid but others say even a gel deodorant counts and has to be in the bag.

Why am I stressing over this tiny thing, right? We can just buy stuff when we get there... Sure. But I'm also trying to avoid a full groping/pat down from the TSA like this mom who used glycerin laced wipes right before going through security. Don't worry, I've researched the ingredients in the wipes we use and there's no glycerin... but still. Plus I don't want to buy bottles of toiletries that would otherwise last us a few months for a 10 day vacation. Why should I have to worry about this so much?

Remember when you could take a bottle of water on a plane? Remember when you could see your family off at the gate? Remember when airlines didn't charge for checked luggage?

Those were the good ol' days. But those days are gone. And now my options are: a) hope that 3 ounces of body wash will last 10 days or b) don't shower while we're there.

Now excuse me while I go see how many outfits for 10 days I can squeeze into a carry-on bag. *cringes and wipes sweat from brow*

This will be interesting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Confessions of a Mom

My life:

Monday, August 4, 2014

What to wear to the beach: Mom edition

Since I'm a mother of two now, I figured that my beach wear / wardrobe for Maui should be more... age appropriate. Not saying I have to wear sweats and Crocs or anything but I'm definitely not trying to pull off the same outfit as a teeny bopper.

2 stylish options for 2 modest swimsuits that won't leave you feeling/looking frumpy. You're welcome.

Mom Beach Wear

Mom Beach Wear 2

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday List

It's Monday afternoon Thursday night and I really should be sleeping because both girls are sleeping (!) and I think I got collectively 2 hours of sleep last night, thanks to a super gassy newborn and a toddler having a nightmare. But alas, I'm blogging because my brain is too awake. Trust me, I'll regret this decision at oh... somewhere around 2 a.m. tomorrow morning.

  • I decided to try a mushroom black truffle sauce flatbread from Trader Joe's. My reason? It sounded very grown up and "Ratatouille". Does that sentence even make sense? Anyway, it wasn't that great so I'll stick to my childlike taste buds (aka Bagel Bites).
  • One of the women who brought meals brought trail mix. She said "I figured it must be healthy because it has the dried fruit in it." We laughed. Then I ate all the nuts and chocolate and left the fruit. Does that defeat its purpose? 
  • I've been doing some compulsive list making for our Maui trip. I'm hoping that the stress of packing for a toddler and a newborn will be totally worth it when I'm lying on a beach. 
  • Allie is turning 2 in a few weeks. I said no.
  • I just fell asleep on the keyboard so...